Property Management Structured Model (PMSM™) is a structured platform facilitating the exploitation of one property. Its adoption aims to manage in a structured way the necessary steps and actions in order to bring the best outcome via the purchase, sale or managing this specific asset / property.

Property management services

  • gakplanPMSM implementation
  • gakplanIssuance of certificate for legal and real property characteristics
  • gakplanProperty’s documentation – information bank
  • gakplanProperty’s audits (technical, financial, legal)
  • gakplanProperty evaluation (preliminary, analytical)
  • gakplanExploitation study for the property (sale, purchase, rent, long term lease, etc)
  • gakplanProperty project plan towards its exploitation
  • gakplanMarketing plan for the property
  • gakplanImplementation of the property project plan (incorporated negotiation services)
  • gakplanProperty financing
  • gakplanStudies for subsidizing the property / project
  • gakplanArchitectural studies
  • gakplanProperties Construction
  • gakplanGeneral property management

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